Compared: Miracle-Gro v. PRO ORGANIC

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When it comes to choosing your fertilizer, you may seem overwhelmed. Just like many products, there are a variety of brands, types, and organic v. inorganic versions. In this article, we are going to compare a well-known, inorganic fertilizer called Miracle-Gro, to an up-and-coming, organic fertilizer called PRO ORGANIC.


First, let's talk about the difference between inorganic and organic fertilizer.


What Is the Difference Between Inorganic And Organic Fertilizer?

Inorganic fertilizers are made from minerals that have been mined out of the earth. These include phosphorous (P), potassium (K), sulfur (S), nitrogen (N), calcium (Ca) and magnesium (Mg). They can be used as a base for growing plants or as a supplement to existing soil.

Organic fertilizers are derived from natural sources such as manure, compost, green waste, seaweed, kelp, blood meal, bone meal, fish emulsion, rock phosphate, and other plant byproducts. They contain nutrients that are naturally occurring in the soil and are not manufactured.

The main difference between these two fertilizers is how they are produced. Inorganic fertilizers are generally more expensive than their organic counterparts. This is because they must be mined from the ground and processed into a usable form. On the other hand, organic fertilizers are grown using sustainable practices and do not require energy intensive processes.

Now that you know the difference, let’s compare Miracle-Grow to PRO ORGANIC.


Miracle-Gro v. PRO ORGANIC


Miracle Gro

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Miracle-Gro is a an efficient product that always results in bushy, vibrant plants. Known for making your gardening efforts tireless, this product is a gardening staple to many. But what if I told you that the quickness and otherwise “healthy” looking plants you have, are not so healthy at all? What if I told you that because of the "Miracle" product you use, you are ultimately damaging and killing your plants and garden? Yup, we know the disappointment has probably settled in by now. Let us explain how Miracle-Grow works.

Miracle-Gro uses high nitrogen count to enhance your plants. This results in the effective transformation your plants undergo because of the fertilizer. The problem is that the nitrogen which is used in Miracle-Gro, stems from synthetic ammonium and water-soluble nitrates

These ingredients produce harsh, toxic chemicals that are harmful to organisms that live in the soil, like worms. Also, it poisons the soil microbes such as healthy bacteria and fungi. These nutrients that your plant loves and needs, are being taken away and essentially “burned” by the poison that Miracle-Gro ultimately is. 

Even the so-called “Organic” Miracle-Gro products contain harmful amounts of nitrogen and other chemicals, which can burn your plants.

Organic Miracle Gro

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Just like pesticide runoff, fertilizer runoff can happen too. For example, when a farmer spreads pesticides on just his area of crops, he may not realize that due to wind and rainfall, his pesticides are being spread to his neighbors all organic crops. These organic crops, which as a result of the farmers' pesticides, are no longer organic. The same can happen to harmful fertilizers.

If one farmer spreads their toxic fertilizer on just their plants, they may not realize these ingredients can spread to other areas such as lakes, rivers, and ponds. This can result in contaminated water which can kill living organisms and harm humans.

Unfortunately, harsh fertilizers are one of the many ways pollutions are created and how greenhouse gasses are emitted. This can lead to effects such as climate change and global warming. 

At the end of the day, Miracle-Gro does show results, but it's at the sake of the Earth's health. 



Unlike Miracle-Gro, PRO ORGANIC is an up-and-coming fertilizer that is 100% organic and vegan. This fertilizer results in larger, greener plants and the best part is, it doesn't use harmful chemicals and toxins!


Image shows a bottle of PRO ORGANIC plant spray.


PRO ORGANIC works efficiently to increase the microorganism activity of your plants. This results in healthier, stronger, and a more resilient plant root which ultimately improves the overall health of your plants. Containing 17 essential vitamins and minerals, PRO ORGANIC offers your plants a natural form of resistance to insects and diseases.

With all this good news, we really think one of the best features of PRO ORGANIC is that it is stench free! Most organic fertilizers smell of manure. Then on the other hand, you have fertilizers like Miracle-Gro which reek of toxins. With PRO ORGANIC's unique formula, there is little to no scent at all. 

Without a doubt, the best quality of PRO ORGANIC is that due to it being 100% vegan & 100% organic, PRO ORGANIC does no harm to the Earth. There are no toxins or harsh chemicals, so you know your plants are getting the highest quality nutrients and ingredients.  

I know it may seem impossible with all the good news but lastly, PRO ORGANIC is easy to use. With the variety of products within their line, PRO ORGANIC products are either just a spray or a shake away! There really is nothing more convenient than that. 


Image shows PRO ORGANIC results.

Image shows results of PRO ORGANIC plant spray.


The daunting task of choosing the right fertilizer is harder than one might think. With so many option, going with the "popular" option, like Miracle-Gro, may seem like the right choice at first, but time will tell. With PRO ORGANIC your plants are getting the quality nutrients they need and deserve, while preserving the integrity of the Earth!


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