The Grass is Greener with PRO ORGANIC

The Grass is Greener with PRO ORGANIC
Fertilizing is an important lawn care practice, as it influences grass color, ability to recover from stress, and helps prevent weed invasions and disease. There are important factors for your healthy and lush lawn and this will guide you to make the right decision on your lawn fertilizers.

Timing Is Important 


Image of a white flowers on a healthy tree against a bright blue sky.
First of all, we all know that spring is the best time to apply lawn fertilizer. When the temperature reaches around 55 degrees Fahrenheit, the flowers will begin to blossom and the grass will start growing. About mid to late April, first feeding should take place.

Are Fertilizer Numbers Important?


Image of the periodic table elements: Nitrogen (n7), Phosphorus (p15), and Potassium (k19)
Yes! Fertilizer numbers are the percentage of nitrogen, phosphate, and potassium, which are the essential nutrients for your lawn to grow. So it's important but, what are those numbers really means? Generally, N-P-K numbers will not exceed about 6 if it's naturally generated from the organic matters. Anything that has higher N-P-K ratio, it's chemically modified in order to give more nutrients to grow faster. But what about some of the organic brand products have high N-P-K ratio?
It also means they added an enhancement that's chemically modified in order to show the faster result. Many of the organic brands contain less than 18% of the organic matter in their product and the rest of them are not so organic. But it's still called "organic product" because it contains organic matter partially. So it is important to know these numbers and it's also important to know the product is 100% organic or not.

What Is The Best Organic Lawn Fertilizer?


Chart comparing Shinnong PRO ORGANIC fertilizer against other organic fertilizer products.
There are so many great products to choose from when it comes down to our precious lawn. First of all, it is your decision to go either organic or chemical. But regardless of organic and chemical product, PRO ORGANIC Lawn Food by Shin Nong is the best organic lawn fertilizer by far. It's not only 100% organic, but the result is incomparable with other lawn products. PRO ORGANIC Lawn Food is specially formulated with 17 different natural minerals and it's affecting the major roll on your lawn's health. The lawn needs many mineral elements during the normal processes of growth and development. PRO ORGANIC Lawn Food has a variety of effects on seed germination, the growth of roots, total biomass accumulation, production of secondary metabolite and absorption of minerals. So your lawn will be healthy and strong. It also promotes chlorophyll and protein synthesis so your lawn color will be lush green.
Ordinary lawn fertilizer requires heavy watering after the application. It means basically you have to rinse it with water. Otherwise, it will burn. If you exceed the amount of application as suggested, it will also burn your lawn. They make this sound so simple and easy process but it must be done in order to not kill your lawn. Chemical fertilizer is so critical and it is the main resource for polluting our environment and groundwater. PRO ORGANIC Lawn Food is 100% organic and it's 100% safe.
Water is an important factor for any of the plants so you should water them and be worry free from burning your lawn. And there is no danger of over-concentration. It will never harm your lawn and our environment. This is another reason why you should choose PRO ORGANIC Lawn Food for your healthy lawn and our nature.
Product image of Shin Nong PRO ORGANIC Lawn Food Organic Fertilizer.
PRO ORGANIC Lawn Food by Shin Nong may not have as high nutrient ratios as the other chemically formulated fertilizers. But, this special formula with 17 different natural minerals will restructure your lawn to grow healthy and strong!
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