The Impact of Trees on Climate Change

The Impact of Trees on Climate Change


In recent years, climate change has been a hot topic (no pun intended). There is no doubt that humans are drastically having a negative impact on the environment, air quality, greenhouse gas emissions, and the Earth as a whole.
The United Nations even went as far as suggesting that if we do not change the way we live, and decrease our carbon emissions drastically, our planet may not have too much longer. Although this may sound depressing, and it is, there are solutions! Of course there are large impacts that can only be accomplished by government bodies and large corporations, but there are also small changes you can make as well that can help save the globe and why your lawn matters. Let's talk about it!
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What can I do? 

Although this is a large issue, there are small changes that YOU can actually in order to help facilitate change. Changes like walking and biking more (instead of driving), recycling, and by using energy efficient items such as energy efficient appliances, solar panels, and electric cars are just a few ways to help the planet. But did you know it comes to your outdoors area you can also help climate change? 
Although it is not your "typical" climate change solution, did you know trees actually play a large role in the betterment of climate change? With the many negative effects of climate change all around us, just by planting trees and ensuring their health, you are actually making a difference.
Whether if you already have trees in your yard or are planning to plant some, remember it is imperative to ensure the health of them.
Carbon Dioxide Emissions Being Released.


Tree Cover & Facts

Since elementary days, we have all been taught that trees remove carbon dioxide from the air and release oxygen. This is why the Rain Forrest is so imperative and why there are so many "Plant a Tree" initiatives.The importance of the Rain Forrest and "Plant a Tree" initiatives are not just marketing gimmicks, but rather they are ACTUALLY imperative to the health and betterment of society.

Native Forests

The Amazon Rain Forrest for example, contributes approximately 16% of the Earths oxygen, another 15-20% comes from other plants, trees, and organisms on land, and the rest comes from the Ocean (plankton and other marine organism), according to National Geographic.
With this information, it is reasonable to assume that anywhere from 30-35% of the Earths Oxygen stems from plants and organisms on land. This is the reason Tree's are imperative to the health and success of our planet. There were once billions of trees all over the planet, but steadily Trees around the globe have steadily declined. Native forrest, such as the Amazon, around the globe are declining for various reasons and the Earth climate is being effected. 

Trees Help Improve Air Quality

According to the EPA, "Air pollution kills 6 million people each year worldwide and causes premature deaths in children under 5 years old. It can also cause serious illnesses such as asthma and bronchitis, heart attacks, strokes, and lung cancer." When you plant a tree, you are drastically improving air quality and helping our planet. This is essential to human health, as well as the health of every living organism on our planet.
Although imperative, there is no need to rely sole on tropical rainforest and tree farms for clean air, you can help right in your front or back yard. If you already have a few (or many) trees in your yard, then great! When taking care of these trees, make sure to use organic fertilizer and tree food in so you are not harming the earth you are trying to help! If you do not have any trees planted, no worries, here is a list of a few trees that would be great to plant.


Trees Help Reduce Carbon Dioxide Emissions

Trees help stop climate change through the removal of carbon dioxide from the air. By their storage of carbon dioxide, trees then release oxygen into the atmosphere, thus bettering our environment and the air we breathe everyday. 
According to NASA, "Carbon dioxide is the primary greenhouse gas responsible for global warming." In fact, more than half of the world's forests absorb about 25 percent of the CO2 emitted into the atmosphere. So, when you plant a tree, you are actually helping to reduce carbon emissions and help keep the Earth healthy!
Trees are actually even nicknamed, "The Lungs of the Earth", due to their ability to absorb pollutants and contaminates found within the air we breath. 

More Information

Whether you enjoy Oaks, Spruces, Elm, or Dogwoods, trees are an essential to our environment. Whichever you prefer, they have so many benefits that help improve our quality, support our environment, and can help put a stop to climate change.
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