The Top 10 Flowers of Spring 2022

Image shows gorgeous flowers.

As the weather begins to warm up, flowers begin to blossom, and the sun shines a little bit more, Spring is the perfect time to start your garden refresh! It seems that nowadays people are spending more time indoors more than ever but as the spring season roles around, it provides the perfect opportunity to get outdoors!

 The spring season is a time for renewal and growth, both personally and when it comes to your garden! Let's wash the worries of 2021 away, and the cold winter weather, and refresh your garden together.


Top 10 Flowers of Spring 2022


Image shows a purple Clematis.


1. Clematis

Clematis are one of my favorite plants in the world. They grow so quickly and bloom all year round. I love them because they're easy to care for, can be grown from seed or cuttings, and have such lovely blooms. This plant will last throughout the entire year, but you'll want to keep an eye on it during the summer months, as it tends to dry out easily. You should water your clematis regularly, especially if the soil is dry. If you notice any signs of rot, remove the affected part immediately. Clematis also like full sunlight, and don't need much fertilizer. We recommend a few sprays of PRO ORGANIC plant food every two weeks, and your Clematis will thrive!



Image shows a group of pink peonies.


2. Peonies

 Peony are another favorite flower of mine. They're beautiful, fragrant, and come in many different colors. Peonies can grow anywhere, and do well in most soils. They prefer full sun, and are very forgiving (so if you don't consider yourself a professional Gardner, these plants are for you!). Peonies large blossoms can make them top heavy, so if you notice they begin to droop a bit, we recommend using stakes to help hold them up. Overall, they are a beautiful, lovely plant that would be a great addition to any garden in 2022!



image shows a group of yellow tulips.


3. Tulips

Tulips are a timeless, elegant addition to any garden. They are often brightly colored and are a great way to brighten your yard. Tulips excel in areas with full or afternoon sun. Unless you live in a rainy area, you'll want to water your tulips well. We recommend 2-3 times a week with some spray fertilizer added once every two weeks.



image shows purple, pink, and white hyanciths.s.

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4. Hyanciths

Hyanciths are a great way to add blossoming, pastel colors to your garden. For best results, plant these in an area of your garden that get full sun. The bulbs are accepting of partial shade as well, but we do recommend the more sun, the better! Hyanciths do best in loose, fertile soil and DO NOT over water. These beautiful flowers offer a great plant to have both indoors and outdoors.


Image shows a group of lungworts.

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5. Lungworts

Lungworts (despite their name), are actually a lovely addition to any garden. Lungworts, which got their name to their bulbs resembling the shape of a lung, can be somewhat difficult to grow due to finding the right location. We recommend planting these beauties below a tree (for shade) or in a location with only partial sun. 



 Image shows beautiful, purple, Bearded Iris.


6. Bearded Iris

Bearded Iris are a lovely perennial to add to any garden! With their slim, blooming buds, your garden will receive a chroma of color that your neighbors will be envious of. Although these flowers can survive anywhere, they do best in a area that is full of sunshine and which rich soil. Plant them 16 to 18 inches about (if they are dwarf iris's, you can give them less space), and make sure to prune their leaves before planting. Give them some water twice a week, and your blossoming friends will thrive!



 Image shows pink and yellow Primrose flowers.


7. Primrose

We're not talking about the Hunger Games, Primrose flowers are a pop of color that your garden needs! Primrose vary in bright colors, and they vary in form and size. Primrose flowers do best in a somewhat shady area, planted in rich soil, and should be watered about once a week. They prefer damp, wood-like landscapes but can thrive anywhere if you make sure their conditions are right. 



 Image shows purple, yellow, and white Pansy flowers.


8. Pansy

Pansy's do best in fertile soil in the sun, or with part shade. If you are adding these beauties to a planter, use a multipurpose, compost, soil that can give them the proper home to grow and thrive. Water Pansys twice a week, and make sure to feed them Organic Plant Food, once every two weeks so your flowers can live a healthy and happy life. 



 Image shows gorgeous pink and white weigela flowers.


9. Weigela

Native to parts of Asia, Weigela's are members of the honeysuckle family that has dark green and black leaves, with bright pink blossoms. These lovely flowers will bring a sense of romantic glamour to any garden. They come in various sizes and are compatible for any garden. 



Image shows beautiful white, sweet alyssum flowers.


10. Sweet Alyssum

Also known as alyssum, these plants originated as a wildflower but now are a staple to add to any garden or yard. This fast growing plant comes in white, yellow, red, violet, and pink blossoms and has slim, vibrant green leaves. These blossoms do best in cooler temperatures and may fade in the summer. Despite fading in the summer, they are strong and will also in your garden for years to come. 


Whether you want to add a pop of color, a romantic touch, or a classic appearance to your garden or yard, flowers are a wonderful addition! As the weather begins to warm, now is the time to check out your local nurseries to choose which flowers are best for your garden.  


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