We’re crazy about plants – and we know you feel the same way.

Our mission today is to help neighbors like you cultivate happier, thriving plants for a healthier life. Rather than rely on synthetic solutions, we’ve crafted a 100% organic + vegan plant food alternative that nourishes our green friends and does right by our planet.

Toss the Toxins

Time to put a lid on harmful chemicals.

Today, synthetic fertilizers generate nearly 50% of agricultural greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S. In fact, after CO2 and methane, their main chemical is the third-largest contributor to climate change. These ingredients are not so great for our plants and soil – and even more terrible for our people and planet.

You + Our Planet Deserve Better

Synthetic fertilizers harm the earth.

They are loaded with nitrogen – way more than our plants need. Released into the air, it becomes nitrous oxide gas (N2O), which heats our planet 300 times as much as carbon dioxide.

Synthetic fertilizers destroy the microorganisms.

We need those healthy microbes to break down organic matter into precious nutrients for plants. By killing them, chemical fertilizers destroy our soil’s health over time.

Synthetic fertilizers aren’t great for our health either.

Studies have found links between chronic illnesses and direct exposure to toxic ingredients, plus their negative impact on the nutritional value of our plants.

Giving Back

Our pledge goes beyond our plants, and towards caring for the planet that gives so much.

1% of our profits goes to planting trees in countries where they’re most needed. This is our thank you to the biggest plants in the world – a source of precious oxygen that stores carbon, stabilizes the soil, gifts us materials for tools and shelter, and lastly, shelters the world’s wildlife.