Our Story

No matter who you are or where you live, the power of nature speaks to all of us.

Years ago, we woke up to the danger of chemical fertilizers and their terrible impact on the environment. We knew that others, like us, were searching for a greener alternative.

By creating Pro Organic, our truly 100% organic and vegan plant food solution, we’ve discovered a better way for gardens and
green spaces to truly thrive.

This innovation is our way of helping neighbors & families around the world grow happier, healthier plants. In doing so, we hope to preserve our soil and environment for generations to come.

Giving back faithfully to the earth so that it, in turn, can give back that love to us, is now our biggest promise to our planet, our communities, and most of all, to you.

John & Sean, Co-Founders

Your trust. Our commitment.

John Y | Co-Founder

John Yun is the co-founder of PRO ORGANIC and truly believes that plants make people happy. Our plants has treated us well, and it's time to change the way we treat it by returning the good to nature. PRO ORGANIC is the most sustainable way to love plants and we’ll continue to work towards our mission by creating 100% organic and vegan products for our plant lovers!

Sean K | Co-Founder

Sean Kim is co-founder of Pro Organic, a 100% organic and vegan plant food brand with a mission to do better by our planet. As a creative entrepreneur, Sean brings his wealth of experience in branding from a decade of working with leading names in the nonprofit and wellness space. Today, he is driven to protect and preserve our environment through meaningful solutions for plant-lovers everywhere.

Bridget C | Customer Success

Bridget graduated from the University of Tennessee and is a mom to a wonderful and energetic baby girl. The reason she believes in a healthy lifestyle, including one for her plants, stems from wanting to create a better planet for her daughter. Starting from the ground up, quite literally, Bridget has a keen understanding that living organically, while not sacrificing quality, is key to growing her favorite plants while helping the planet.


Whether you’re new to gardening or an expert,
Pro Organic will always be easy & simple to use.


Pro Organic’s products are carefully tested and proven to produce happier, healthier plants.


The ingredients in Pro Organic are all-natural, with nutrients & minerals derived from the earth.