They’re not truly 100% organic.

Tons of plant food brands out there claim to be organic, but aren’t. Pro Organic is officially OMRI-certified, packed with 17 natural minerals, and is truly good for your plants and our environment.

They’re tedious to mix or messy to use.

No mixing necessary. No need to create the perfect formula. No more obsessing about NPK ratios. Pro Organic Plant Food Spray is ready right away to help your indoor or outdoor plants bloom with health.

They make you pinch your nose.

The majority of natural or organic fertilizers out there have an unpleasant smell. With Pro Organic’s odorless spray, there’s no need to hold your breath. Nourish your plants to your heart’s content.

They have complicated instructions.

Drop the complicated to-do’s. All it takes is a simple spray to your plant’s leaves, once a week. Pro Organic’s Plant Food Spray is gentle yet effective. You’ll see vibrant results within weeks.

They aren’t there when you need them.

No more frustration or forgetting to order. Set your own schedule during growing seasons. Use our feeding chart, designed by our gardening experts. Pro Organic’s Plant Food Spray will arrive exactly when your plants need love and care.