Pro Organic | Plant Food Spray

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Pro Organic | Plant Food Spray

Pro Organic | Plant Food Spray

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Scientifically proven, tested, approved and certifiably effective.

100% Organic

Earth-friendly. Vegan.
Pathogen-free, GMO-free.

Safe & Non-Toxic

Doesn’t harm the plant,
soil, bees, or pets.

Natural Boost

Elevates plants & gardens to their fullest potential.

Made with love.
For your plant + our planet.

Castor Meal

Castor meal is a Nitrogen rich, organically produced option for your plants. Through its naturally high nitrogen content, your plant is provided ample energy to live happily and healthily!

Rice bran

Natural Rice bran drastically improves the overall structure of soil granules. It also works as a great soil conditioner and seedling substrate which optimize your plants overall health.

Rare Earth Elements

Comprised of 17 vital minerals, Rare Earth Elements benefit your plants through the promotion of seed germination and root development, it increases plant biomass, and it improves the quality of fruiting bodies.

Ingredients We'll Never Use

Lead, Nitrosamine, Anydrous, Ammonia, Cadmium, Chromium, Zinc

Details & Specs

Pro Organic Plant Food Spray (31 fl oz) contains nutrients and minerals for a large plant or several small ones.

Use every two weeks during the Spring and Summer. Apply spray to all sides of leaves as well as on stems. For optimal results, use in the morning or evening.

Store in cool, dry place to maintain quality of product. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Do not ingest. Use only as directed.

Pro Organic fertilizers are OMRI Listed. Their quality meets or exceeds the requirements established by the USDA National Organic Program institute.



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