The Top 10 Best Indoor Plants

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Have you been searching Pinterest all day trying to get inspiration for your home? Maybe you want to add a pop of color or maybe you want to bring the outdoors in? We can assure you that every "homey" feeling home, has a plant indoors!

Plants are a great addition to any room for multiple reasons. They can provide great health benefits since they naturally clean the air and they bring a sense of relaxation to any room. Just like outdoor plants, indoor plants come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. If you're not well-versed in plants, picking the right one for your home can be a daunting task. With all the shapes, sizes, and colors along with their watering and sunlight needs - plants can be a lot to say the least. 

Before you scour the web looking to find the right plant for you, we have done the research and we are here to tell you which plants are the best low-maintenance plants for you home.


Paddle Plant

Image Credit: The Spruce / Adrienne Legault


Paddle Plant 

A Paddle Plant is part of the succulent family and is a great addition to any home. Usually small in size, this plant provides a subtle green without being overbearing. These plants prefer lots of sunlight so make sure they are placed near or on a windowsill. When it comes to watering, these plants don't need a lot. If you think you'll be forgetful of watering your plants, well, these are the perfect indoor plants for you!



Lady Palm plant.

Image Credit: The Spruce / Kara Riley


Lady Palm

A Lady Palm is a striking plant that is one of the "larger" indoor plants. If you need a space filler, these plants are the one for you. Unlike the previous Paddle Plant, Lady Palms only need in-direct sunlight so they really make a great addition to any part of the house. Water them once a week, and you'll have the perfect indoor addition!



String of Pearls.


String of Pearls

You know with a name like "String of Pearls", this plant is beautiful and unique. With a watering schedule of once every one to two weeks and preferring direct sunlight, this plant provides a low maintenance talking point to every home. Set this plant on a shelf and watch as its "pearls" begin to hang over. 



Aloe plant.


Aloe Plant

If you don't think you can keep an indoor plant alive, well, this is the plant for you! Aloe plants are great because they bring a modern sense of style to any room, while being one of the easiest plants to take care of. You can water this plant every couple weeks and it will do just find. Not sure where to place it? Anywhere! Aloe plants thrive with both direct and indirect sunlight. 






Pothos are always a fan favorite. This unique plant is forgiving of neglect, requires little to no light, and can be watered every so often. Places in a home like bathrooms or offices that may not have a window, are just a few of the many great places to put these plants. 



Mini Jade plant.


Mini Jade Plant

Also known as the Dwarf Jade, the Mini Jade Plant is a succulent tree that can grow up to 30 inches tall. These plants require little to no water, although the more you water it the fresher its leaves ad stems will look. These plants are characterized my thick, green leaves with woody stems. If you're looking for an earth-feel, these plants are for you. 



Air plant.


Air Plant

If you're looking for an astounding, futuristic type plant than these are the plants for you. Unlike every other plant, these plants don't need soil to survive. If you want a hanging plant, or need an art piece in your home than these are the plants for you! Spray these plants with water about once a week and then you're good to go!



Spider plant.


Spider Plant

Don't let the name fool you, Spider Plants make a great addition to any home. They get their name from their "spider-like" look by the way there leaves fan out. These low maintenance plants vary in sizes so you can always find one that will fit your space perfectly. Unlike most solid green plants, these leaves often feature a dark green stripe which makes them stand out amongst others. Spider plants are always a fan favorite in any home. 



Fiddle Leaf Fig


Fiddle Leaf Fig

Are you a fan of Feng Shui? If so, these are the plants for you. According to this ancient Chinese practice, Fiddle Leaf figs are the perfect plant for indoors due to their large, rounded leaves and perfect height. When it comes to indoors, having a home that is tranquil and zen amongst the chaos of everyday life is a necessity. The Fiddle Leaf fig is the perfect plant to help you achieve that goal. 



Peace Lily.


Peace Lily

Peace Lilys are a great option for indoors because they are amongst the easiest to care for. Not only do they require little sunlight, but also they require only a little water as well. If you want a plant that truly cleans the air in your home, then these are the plants for you. With their vibrant green leaves and a beautiful white flower on top, these are the perfect addition to any room.


This top-10 list is full of quality, low maintenance plants that can thrive indoors. In addition to sunlight and water, we highly recommend finding the perfect Foliar Spray for your plants to ensure they are getting the proper nutrients needed. 

With so many plants of different sizes, shapes, colors, and even maintenance levels, what seemed like a mundane task of choosing the perfect indoor plant can be overwhelming. We've done the hard part for you and researched your options, so now it's up to you to decide what plant is the right one for your home! 


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